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Our humble offerings, tailored to you

Sugar Cookies

A humble classic, with your spin! Our most popular item on the menu, Humble Cookie Co. sugar cookies are unlike any cookies you've tasted or seen before! That's because we offer a wide variety of flavors and customizations that make each order just as unique as the last!


We offer a variety of flavors at no extra cost:


Our signature flavor: a sweet and buttery cookie that is irresistable when frosted


A decadent chocolate cookie. Add optional espresso powder and/or chocolate chips for added richness

Chocolate Chip

We would say these are just like the ones grandma used to make, but we're too humble to do so 😉


The perfect balance of citrus and sweetness


An animal cracker-like flavor fit for royalty (and royal icing)


A complex nutty flavor that blends well with the sweetness of our cookies

Birthday Cake

Have your cake, but in cookie form! Add optional sprinkles for a funfetti treat!


There are a variety of ways you can customize your cookies:

Custom Designs

We are able to utilize different techniques such as image projection, stenciling, and icing patterning to make truly unique cookie creations!


A wide variety of differently colored icings come together to create spectacular designs on top of each cookie


Using any variety of font, we can enscribe names or messages on your cookies. Perfect for personalized gifts, parties, or school events

Cookie SizeSingle CookieDozen Cookies
Full Size (3.5" - 4")$3$36*
Minis (2") Single Color Iced$0.50$6
Minis (2") Decorated$2$24*

*Price for one dozen cookies may vary depending on the requested design(s). Please contact us for exact quotes.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes

Yes, that's right, it looks like a cake, but it's actually a giant cookie! We bake chocolate chip cookie dough in a 12-inch pizza pan and dollap the border with your choice of chocolate or vanilla buttercream frosting.

Great for Birthdays

Our chocolate chip Cookie Cakes make for a delicious alternative to the traditional birthday cake! Get a personalized cookie cake to share with your family and friends!

... And Other Occasions

Whether it's a celebration, a party, or just because you want one, Cookie Cakes are a perfect dessert for all of your gatherings.

Custom Designs

Cookie Cakes can be made to your exact specifications. Let us know what you're ordering it for, and we can make you a cookie cake that's truly unique!

12-inch Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake$25
Substitute for Mini M&Ms+$3
Personalized Writing+$3

Gift Boxes

Our cookies are made to be shared, but it's ok to spoil someone with their own box of cookies too! Our Gift Boxes come with 2-4 full-sized iced and decorated cookies for that special someone you want to show your appreciation to!

Gift Boxes are made to your exact specifications: we don't charge extra for customization or personalization. Let us know what you want your cookies to say, and we'll get in onto a cookie for you!

2 Cookie Box$10
Add a Cookie+$5